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About Us

What is "Greenwashing"?

Greenwashing can be interpreted in many ways, but it generally refers to companies (usually multinational conglomerates) that want to jump on the eco-train for a pat on the back, but do the bare minimum to actually make change. As our CEO likes to say - they do it for the kudos, not the care.

This is often done by using trending phrases to create misleading, inaccurate, exaggerated, or hollow claims to be acting with green intentions. 

For example, a large conglomerate that owns dozens of brands focuses their entire marketing message on the environmental values of the green brand they just bought out. They make the public believe that they their entire mission has changed to be "green", but behind the scenes they have no intention of changing the policies of any of the other brands in their portfolio - instead for those, they continue to  source unsustainable palm oil, use wasteful packaging, and exploit workers for profit.  

It's a great marketing ploy, and one that most of us get sucked into unless we know better. Real change takes a complete make-over - time to glo up for the environment.


How are we different?

We are held accountable by nature. We are very well aware that being green cannot be considered a trend. Rather, we need to change the way we live so that it compliments the function of the incredible ecosystem we have here on earth. 

The brands we have partnered with were founded on the very principles of being eco-friendly. We work with small, family, and minority owned businesses that have values that are in line with our own. You will find no morally  or environmentally questionable conglomerates here!

What we love about the brands we work with is that they are constantly researching, testing, and developing products that are safer for our health and the health of our beautiful planet. Almost all are based in the USA (with a few awesome companies from Canada), which reduces the carbon footprint of shipping all while stimulating the economy.


How do we choose?

We love reading labels! We research an awful lot about a brand and product before it is stocked on our shelves. We don't automatically approve everything a company has to offer either. We look at every single product they have and evaluate them against our principles. Everything you will find on this site has been "Love the Earth Co." approved.


How does a product become "Love the Earth Co." approved?

The principles of Love the Earth Co. are simple. We make every effort to ensure our products comply with several of these principles:

        Waste Reduction
               Pollutant Management
              Material Sustainability
                  Emissions Management
            Water Conservation


What efforts do you take to reduce packaging waste with shipping?

To reduce plastic and excessive packaging when shipping, we use compostable peanuts and cardboard for the majority of our products. Sometimes items are shipped directly from the manufacturer, which is great for the carbon footprint, but not always as great for packaging. We will continue to work with suppliers regarding their shipping practices.


Where do you ship to?

At the moment we only ship to U.S addresses in the lower 48. We are passionate about reducing our contribution to pollution and one way to do that is to limit shipping distances. Do not fear! We are currently researching companies to partner with in countries all over the globe! Stay tuned!


What else do you do to help?

In addition to our packaging policy described above, we donate 1% of our proceeds to a different conservation-based charity every month. Just like our products, we evaluate each charity to make sure their practices (especially how they use their funding), are in line with our values and priorities. We use Charity Navigator to help get our facts straight first. Check in at the end of each month to see who we chose!


At the end of the day...

No one is perfect, but will continue to research and stock the best products we can find to help us fight the footprint. Rest assured, every purchase you make will be a step in the green direction.

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