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Our Favorite Eco Subscriptions, Boxes, Kits and Bundles of 2021!

*We select partnerships carefully and thoughtfully, and are proud to include select affiliate links in this article*

There are so many ways we can reduce our negative impact on the environment, be it emissions, water/soil/food contamination, sustainability, water conservation, waste reduction, animal cruelty, ethical practices…there is a lot to think about. If you or someone you know is just starting on their journey, it can be insanely overwhelming (we know, we've been there!).

Luckily, there are eco-minded companies all over the U.S that have assembled boxes of greener products for your every-day life! Starter kits, toys, plants, make-up, vegan products; these our favoritet boxes available in the US today. Some are subscription based and some can be purchased as a one-off, making them great for gifts as well.No one is expecting you to just figure it out all at once. Going green is a process - and this is a great place to start!

Box: Zero Waste Starter Kit - Love the Earth Co.

Frequency: One time purchase

Zero waste is an idea wherein you create as little waste as possible. It focuses on the idea that purchases are meaningful, useful, and send as little as possible to the landfill. This often means eliminating single/low use items, fast fashion, and using items that compost back into soil. This kit has what you need to get started with some good habits

Box: Heart & Home - Packed with Purpose

Frequency: One time purchase

There’s no such thing as perfection, but businesses that prioritize the environment and ethical labor practices definitely ones to look at! We believe that the eco movement is about humans working with nature for a shared benefit. This company cherry picks products from brands that intentionally support the environment, workforce development, women’s empowerment, youth development, and wellness. Every box they send out is sustainably packaged, and is guaranteed to make a positive impact.

Box: Seasonal Subscription Box - Earth Love

Frequency: Subscription (4x/year)

This box is full of planet loving goodies. You will get a variety of ethically sourced delights to try, and will also be sent some eco-friendlier cleaning and personal products. Tucked into this all-encompassing box, you will also find some literature (a book and magazine) to further your green journey! Everything in these boxes is cruelty free, organic, beegan/vegan, and fair trade.

Box: Toy Library

Frequency: Subscription (shipments as often as you want!)

Oh how we wish this were around when we were kids! The Toy Library offers hundreds of toys (STEM included!) for ages 0-12. You can choose 2 toys for every shipment, then return them and pick new ones as often as you’d like. Your kids will never get tired of the same old, same old. Every toy is sterilized in an ultrasonic bath (which is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and in compliance with CDC standards) to make sure your little ones stay safe and healthy. They also donate all of their gently used toys to charity.

Box: Vegan Sweet Tooth Supreme, Vegan Snack Pack, and Vegan Staples Switch – Love the Earth Co.

Frequency: One time purchase

These boxes are great for someone who is making an effort so switch out some of their diet for a plant based option. Lucky for them, we have come a long way since the days of vegan burgers that just taste like charbroiled cardboard! These boxes are ready and waiting to give you options that even non-vegans would enjoy.

Vegan sweet tooth treat candy pack  Vegan switches for pantry staples  Vegan snack pack savory

Box: GreenWell Pet

Frequency: Subscription (12x/year) OR one time purchase

Get some greener, healthier options for Fido with this box from GreenWell Pets. Each item in this box is wellness based with the goal of prevention. These life extending goodies for your fur-baby include premium ingredient treats, brain stimulating toys, and even balms for their snoots. Also…could these doggo models be any cuter???

GreenWell Pets healthy wellness subscription box chihuahua          

Box: Mixed Plant Box -  Plantboxs 

Frequency: Subscription (12x/year) OR one time purchase

Not everyone has a green thumb, and that might hold some of us back from trying to become plant parents. At the same time, plants are so good to have in our homes; they can act as air purifiers, pest deterrents, skin nourishers, and snacks! Luckily, someone found a way to make this much easier! With Plantboxs, you can choose from a menu of "beginner level" plants, or sign up for a subscription where you will receive one plant per month - each with it's own care card.

Plantboxs medium mixed plant subscription box for beginners

Box: GreenUp

Frequency: Subscription (6x/year) OR one time purchase

This self proclaimed “plastic rehab” box will give you the tools you need to ditch plastic in many areas of your life. Every 2 months they will send you a themed box of products that will reduce your reliance on plastic. Some of the themes include cleaning, kitchen, travel, summer, shopping – the list goes on!  If you don’t want to subscribe or want to send one as a gift, you can order these separately as well.

GreenUp Plastic Rehab Zero Waste Subscription Box

Box: VIP Bi-Monthly Subscription Box – Love Goodly

Frequency: Subscription (6x/year)

Looking to switch your beauty regimen to something a little less toxic and a little more cruelty free?  Look no further. This subscription will ensure that you have some top-quality make-up to try – all non-toxic, vegan, and leaping bunny approved! If you like what you get, you can also buy individual items from the store at any time.

Love Goodly subscription box cruelty free non toxic

Box: Death By Chocolate Gift Box - Love the Earth Co.

Frequency: One time purchase

Perfect for the chocolate lover who opts for organic, fair trade, and made in the USA. This box of delights offers you eight scrumptious and guilt free (except for the calories, lol) goodies to try - 3 of them being buyer's choice. Count us in!


So there you have it, our favorite boxes, kits, and bundles so far for 2021.  With so many options out there, there is sure to be a part 2 to this article!


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